vocational training as a chakra health coach

….identify and change subtle energy disoders….

I seek to cleanse myself from subtle energy disorders. They are stored reinigen, in chakra, aura layers, merididans and other enerybodies resulting from experiences made in past incarnations. The body resonates with thesethese energy disoders and materializes them as emotional, mental and physical symptoms.

Unique aspects

Upon your registration at Mobile Studio for EnergyBalance, you will be eligible for consultation sessions free of charge until the vocational training commences.

You can indicate your communication preferences. Sessions are offered over the phone and in face-to-face meetings.

Bedingung ist mindestens ein Betreuungsmonat vor Ausbildungsbeginn.

You get all the basics
that allow you to immediately start working as a chakra health coach.

This offer will support every participant along the whole journey of the training.

You`ll have an instructor available from your registration until the end for your personal assistance.

Structure / Guideline

The vocational training runs every year in various groups, each of which exists of 7 participants. The beginning is in november.

From 2021 onwards, this vocational training will be offered in different locations in Germany and internationally.

The final examination takes place in Germany every year on the last weekend in june.

In total, it consists of 8 modules.

In each training session, we will cover 2 modules.

As a rule of thumb, the training sessions are arranged on the second weekend of the month every 2 months.

Most training sessions follow this time arrangement:
Thursdays 2 pm – 7 pm,
Fridays and Saturdays 11 am – 4 pm,
and Sundays 10 am – 2 pm. Times are stated in Central European Time

The total cost of the vocational training amounts to 6765,00 EUR with an advance invoice of 20%. Early-bird discounts and installment payments are available on request.

The vocational training has been officially recognized by the state of Saxony and permits graduates to work as an independent chakra health coach. You´ll be able to start working parallel to the education to become self-employed. The vocational training uses a measuring device to identify energy blockages in line with the test technique as proposed by Erich Körbler

Chakren-Gesundheits-Coach - Basis Version


(mit Bildungsgutschein besuchbar)

Module 1 und 2

Dauer: 4 Wochen

Präsenztage: 5

Abschluss: Prüfung und Zertifikat

Termin wird nach Erreichen der Mindestteilnehmerzahl bestimmt.
Detail-Informationen auf Anfrage.

Termine in Planung


You are willing to be responsible for yourself and look at symptoms as a positive hint from your energy body, that allows you to change these energy disorders.

Have the courage to commit to yourself, because you will be the main focus in this education.

Free yourself from prefrabricated patterns and you´ll be given the chance to find your own abilities and your true purpose in life, which will guarantee you sucess.